Renewable Natural Gas Waste Turned into Green Energy

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Biogas is increasingly seen as a more renewable source of natural gas. Biogas is the mixture of gases produced by organic waste in the absence of oxygen. Upgrading biogas to biomethane includes removing carbon dioxide and water vapor along with trace gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen.

Operators make several measurements in these processes. Methane, the main component in biogas, is flammable. Oxygen will typically be kept to less than 2% for safety during storage and transportation. Oxygen is typically measured directly after the digester. Hydrogen sulfide is scrubbed from the gas to trace levels. Membrane filters separate the carbon dioxide from the methane, and the concentration of each on either side of the membrane indicates separation efficiency. Accurate flow metering is vital throughout these processes, especially when there is a change in owner from producer to user. To meet tariff limits, water vapor is measured before biomethane entry into the gas grid. These measurements take place in hazardous area environments.

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Integrated Systems Measurement Parameters

  • O2 is measured in the gas generated by the decomposition of waste to pipe the biogas safely: <2%
  • H2S scrubbed from the CH4 before entering the networks: <10 ppm
  • CO2 is measured in the tail gas to monitor separation efficiency from methane: 90% – 100%, balance CH4
  • CH4 of the RNG for entry into the grid: 90% – 100%, balance CO

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s US Biogas Magazine.

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