The Impact of Biology Management on Return on Investment

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Methalac Biogas has built over twenty Anaerobic Digesters integrating food waste, agro-food industry waste, and/or FOG into their diet, increasing biogas output by 30% to 50% compared to a 100% dairy manure digester. Our experience in determining the right combination of feedstocks and how to change your digester’s diet seasonally without impacting biogas production can save you thousands of dollars in biogas production.

Biology inside the digesters is a paramount element of success for your project. Problems must be dealt with immediately in order to maintain biogas production at 100% capacity. A few hours of poor production can result in severe losses.

Currently, the US has 109 biogas facilities utilizing food waste as their primary feedstock (Schroeder, J. April 2023). While many American corporations and biogas associations have been pushing the EPA to value cover crops as a feedstock under the D3 cellulose umbrella, our company has been designing digesters to mix agricultural feedstocks with FOGs, food waste and manure. We have supervised and maintained a healthy diet inside our customers’ digesters for over a decade.

Most of our customers retain both our biological monitoring and maintenance contracts for three years before being able to fully operate their anaerobic digester independently. We provide fully tailored designs for the AD process (from feedstock reception and storage, pretreatment, pasteurization, digester, post-digester, and digestate storage tank) following sets of processes promising long-lasting facilities.

We offer pre-study engineering and biological consulting, as well as feedstock pretreatment consulting.

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s US Biogas Magazine.

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