Fitec Heat Exchangers: The Superior Choice for Maximizing Ad Efficiency

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Heat Exchangers (HE) are an often overlooked but crucial element in the processes of anaerobic digestion. Because bacteria are an important component of these mechanical-biological processes, controlling and maintaining digester temperature can be a game changer in terms of effective biogas production and overall project success. HEs, therefore, are a fundamental sub-system.

Fitec has been designing and manufacturing high solids double-tube Heat Exchangers and pasteurization systems for over 20 years for the biogas industry and has 8 operating systems in North America. They can be easily integrated into any tank design and can be used for pre-heating of substrates or circular digestate heating. A containerization option is also available, allowing mechanical work to be done in parallel to site work in an easily transportable, ‘plug and play’ structure.

The main advantage of the Fitec HE is efficiency. Our HE systems are capable of handling feedstocks with total solids of up to 25%. In the case of pre-heating feedstocks, the ability to move this thick material allows facilities to reduce or eliminate the use of process water, which decreases operation costs, and to use more energy-dense feedstock, returning more dollars in energy production.

Many digesters use in-wall or on-wall elements to heat the digester. These systems are less efficient because they can only heat the digestate that comes into contact with the elements. These designs require greater mixing costs and lose efficiency as sedimentation and crusts begin to form over the elements, which often happens during the first few years of operation.

The Fitec Double-Tube Heat Exchanger design optimizes surface area contact while preventing fouling of equipment. Our design ensures rapid heating for overall reduced costs and reduces wear, which is a common problem with highly abrasive materials like food waste and sand-laden manure. Though it is designed to require very little maintenance, the entire HE system is always easily accessible.

At Fitec, we are committed to providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for biogas systems and we are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions in this field. Our advanced technology, customizability, and focus on efficiency and sustainability set us apart. As an integral part of our range of products and services, our goal is to design high-efficiency plants that are robust and reliable and our heat exchangers are an example of this dedication to Precision Biogas.

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s US Biogas Magazine.

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