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Visuel - Bannière pour l'article de Bauer Compressors sur leur expertise ainsi que l'excellente performance de leurs compresseurs au Canada.

The growing biogas industry turns waste into profit and renewable energy while also playing a major role in methane mitigation. Many biogas plants now sell RNG to the grid as a source of additional revenue. The compressor is a long-term strategical component which ensures the project sustainability through its income.

But from location to location, the type of feedstock available can often differ, and different climatic conditions also orientate the approach to biogas upgrading design and technology. From California, USA to British Columbia, Canada, and beyond, BAUER has successfully designed and manufactured compression solutions specific to the needs and capabilities of different operation from -40c to +45c. And not only has BAUER designed these units to meet the requirements of their contrasting locales conditions, but the solutions have been crafted to respond to human safety, serviceability and growing output.

Such was the case with Dicklands Biogas in B.C., whose facility had an initial production capacity of 500 Nm3/h of RNG, but was designed to reach 700 Nm3/h. The BAUER GRU™ 28-250 Duplex enclosed biogas compressor supplied for this project was plug-and-play and designed to grow with production, making it future proof. Like all BAUER biogas upgrading compressors, this system is PLC controlled with variable speed control that adapts to the flow rate from the biogas digester.

BAUER’s RNG solutions go beyond biogas upgrading compressors and include fleet fueling station compression solutions, pipeline injection, as well as virtual pipeline compressors that pressurize RNG for packaging in tube trailers for over-the-road transport, with compressors at the destination sites to completely discharging the trailers for maximum efficiency and cancel fugitive gas.

This complete 100 to 1500 Scfm line is designed and packaged in the North American factory located in Norfolk-VA.  BAUER Compressors ships US-built products to their customers.

BAUER will follow their product lifetime with their customer. Firstly, the product warranty is two years bumper to bumper. And also, BAUER has a large spares inventory in Norfolk and in distribution positions. At least, our service team is ready to answer your questions 24/7, with remote connection to the compression through the IOT BAUER CONNECT®. Authorized operators can monitor and control the system remotely from any computer or wireless device, access performance reports, and receive notifications if parameters fall outside of normal operating range so they can take action.

BAUER isn’t a vendor; BAUER is a partner.

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s US Biogas Magazine.


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