Pioneering the Path to Methane Abatement With Cutting-Edge Burner Technology

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At Profire we’re always searching for new opportunities to engage in environmental protection projects. When Qnergy sought our expertise in burner & combustion management for their Methane Destruction System, we eagerly committed to the project.

Developing a Methane Destruction System

Together with Qnergy, we identified their needs and requirements regarding fuel composition and related expected flow. This allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the potential challenges these systems might encounter.

With these considerations in mind, we developed a system that utilizes the powerful PF2200 BMS Controller to accurately address the project needs regarding efficiency, performance, and value.

We combined our PF2200 with a custom enclosed flare and a specialized fuel train. This system consisted of critical regulators, safety shutoff solenoids, a flame arrestor, and a pilot assembly with 2 proof of flame safeguards.

The system, coupled with Qnergy’s PowerGen 5650 Generator, turns volatile gases into renewable energy and destroys the excess dangerous methane through efficient combustion management thanks to the PF2200 BMS Controller and innovative sensor technology.

Where it is Making an Impact

This game-changing technology is being piloted in Weber County, Utah, to process gases at a closed landfill that is negatively impacting the nearby river and park. Using an expanded methane abatement process together with Profire’s innovative solutions, the project aims to eliminate 95% of these volatile gas emissions.

Why it Matters to Profire

“Our dedication to the environment is a cornerstone of our company values,” says Cameron Tidball, Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Profire Energy. “Research, development, and our courage to innovate and provide solutions that have an environmental impact enable various industries to achieve their emission reduction goals. We believe our partnership with Qnergy has the potential to expand into and support many additional industries in the future.”

We are proud to contribute to this project through the provision of cutting-edge burner & combustion management technologies. Our solution aids in reducing harmful methane emissions, lowering the carbon footprint, fostering cleaner air, and supporting various industries and their environmental goals.

Helping You Achieve Your ESG Goals

If you’re developing a methane abatement project, look no further. Partner with Profire for Burner & Combustion Management You Can Depend On.

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s US Biogas Magazine.

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