Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) biogas to RNG Upgrading systems for North America

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For over 22 years, Sysadvance has been purifying and separating gases for the on-site generation of industrial gases and for the removal of contaminants. The success of Sysadvance is reflected in the quality and dedication of its organization. Today, we see solutions being offered across not only the biogas to RNG space for digester and landfill projects; but also in sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive, food, wine, aviation, marine, oil and gas and others. In over fifty countries and with over four thousand projects, Sysadvance continues to create value to their clients based on superior technology, quality, and reliability along with continuous innovation and improvement through a strong research and development emphasis.

After successful biogas upgrading plants installed in the United States between 2016 and 2021, Sysadvance North America was founded in late 2022, based in Vancouver, British Columbia to bring the Sysadvance product line closer to clients in the Americas.

A foundational goal of Sysadvance North America is to bring a very localized experience to our clients. Whether it be in the sales process, application engineering, during project execution, or after-sale support; the company has localized all of these activities with a sales office in the U.S. and Canada, tech support deployed in the center mass of their equipment installations and local access to spare parts.

Since the founding of Sysadvance, the company has been involved in multiple projects located in California, Portland, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas with many additional projects in the sales pipeline.

A big reason for this early success has to do with having nine METHAGEN AD models for digester projects (ranging in size from 100 scfm to 1,500 scfm within one train) and five METHAGEN LF models for landfill projects (ranging in size from 300 scfm to 1,500 scfm with one train) that match up with many of the project sizes in the market. Having the models established streamlines the technical conversations with developers and engineers and creates a scalable model for growth which supports the growth in the industry. In addition, Sysadvance is proud to be able to offer systems with the lowest life cycle cost of gas upgrading equipment through competitive equipment costs, low maintenance costs, low operating costs, and guaranteed purity and recovery. Simply stated, Sysadvance’s equipment is a “reliable and cost-effective Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system”.

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