Boerger Separation Technology

Graphic - Banner for Boerger's article about their Bioselect separation technology.

The Boerger Bioselect stands for efficient separation technology. Using a purely mechanical process, liquid parts are separated from solid parts in the medium.

Biogas plants in the Benelux use the Boerger Bioselect RC effective separator for removing solids from the substrate. A reduction of storage volume by 25% – 30% can be achieved and the solids can be stored on a silo plate. Use of solids as bedding > cost saving, animal health, easy handling. Also, the solids can be used as substrate for the biogas plant, they have a good gas potential (up to 100m³ of gas/ton).

Nutrients can be exported (depot fertilizer for arable farms). The thin liquid manure seeps into the soil much faster (reducing etching damage) and is more quickly available to the plants (ammonium nitrogen NH4-N).

Graphic - Börger's Bioselect rotary pump plugged to a biogas plant.

A Boerger rotary lobe pump conveyed the substrate from the fermenter to the Bioselect. The control unit continuously regulates the Bioselect’s optimum load. The Bioselect separates the solids from the liquid phase. The solids leave the system, while the liquid phase is fed back into the fermenter in parts.

Graphic - Outside view of Börger's Bioselect technology, outside view of the biogas plant.

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