Paques’ Global Leadership in Biological Wastewater and Gas Treatment

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Paques has established itself as a global leader in biological wastewater and gas treatment, with a presence in over 60 countries and more than 3,300 customer installations worldwide. This extensive network and reach highlight Paques’ commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for industrial and municipal clients. By leveraging a wealth of expertise and robust infrastructure, Paques delivers tailor-made solutions that address the diverse needs of its global customer base, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the quest for environmental stewardship and resource efficiency


Innovative Sustainability at our Core: Leading with BIOPAQ®, ANAMMOX®, and THIOPAQ®

Paques offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance biogas production and wastewater treatment. The BIOPAQ® series, included in more than 1,500 anaerobic reactor installations, generates an amount of biogas that is equivalent to the natural gas needs of 2.8 million Dutch households and reduces CO2 emissions by 11.2 million tons annually, comparable to taking 2,365,000 cars off the road.
ANAMMOX® technology efficiently removes nitrogen from wastewater, while THIOPAQ® specializes in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) removal from biogas. This comprehensive product portfolio demonstrates Paques’ innovative approach to sustainable biogas and wastewater management.


Removing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) with Paques THIOPAQ®

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a hazardous gas present in biogas, known for its corrosiveness, toxicity, and foul odor. When burned, H2S forms sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is known to contribute to acid rain. Paques’ THIOPAQ® technology provides an effective solution for removing H2S from biogas through a combination of chemical scrubbing, biological oxidation, and physical separation. The result is high-quality biogas and reusable elemental sulfur, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to biogas desulfurization.

Paques THIOPAQ® offers exceptional H2S removal efficiency, exceeding 99.5%. The system produces sulfur and a small bleed stream free of sulfides, ensuring safe discharge. Treated biogas can be used in engines, boilers, or local gas grids and upgraded to biomethane for gas networks or vehicle fuel. Elemental sulfur produced can also be used as a high-quality fertilizer.

Developed with academic and industry partners, Paques THIOPAQ® suits various biogas streams and anaerobic systems, handling gas flows from 10 to over 50,000 Nm³/hour and sulfur loads from 10 kg to 50 tons per day.


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A Paques THIOPAQ® Success Story at Ben & Jerry’s

To understand the practical benefits of THIOPAQ®, one can look at the successful implementation at Ben & Jerry’s. The installation has not only helped in efficiently removing Hydrogen Sulfide from the biogas but also contributed to the company’s sustainability goals. Paques’ technology supports Ben & Jerry’s in reducing their environmental footprint while enhancing their biogas quality, showcasing THIOPAQ’s real-world applicability and effectiveness.
For more detailed insights, you can view the customer case study on Paques’ website.


Learn More About Paques THIOPAQ®

To explore the full potential of Paques THIOPAQ® technology and see more detailed case studies, including the Ben & Jerry’s project, visit the Paques website.
Download the B&J customer case to gain deeper insights into how THIOPAQ® can benefit your operations and contribute to sustainability efforts and discover why Paques’ THIOPAQ® is the leading choice for efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly biogas desulfurization.


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