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Situated in the Heart of the BENELUX Region, we have worked in the Biogas industry for over 30 years now. Not far from the Dutch, German, French and Luxemburg border, we have observed many different trends and developed our own quality Solutions for those constantly changing and vastly different markets in western Europe.

With all those years of experience, we have perfected our mixing solutions to be efficient, versatile and future-proof. Our Excentro paddle mixer is well suited to all kinds of feedstock, whether straw manure with long fibers in Belgium, food waste in the Netherlands, or maize silage in Luxemburg. The low-RPM, high-torque design is well suited to varying feedstocks, both low and high dry matter content so that the customer can adapt to legislation and availability changes.


Project Showcase Belgium – Flanders

  • 6 Mw CHP;
  • Two Digestors and two Post-Digestors 27×6 m;
  • Food waste, energy crop and straw manure as feedstock;
  • In 2017 we retrofitted one Digester with our Excentro paddle mixers;
  • In 2022 we retrofitted the other three tanks;
  • Now, our customer´s energy consumption has gone down due to our highly efficient low-RPM mixer;
  • With our low-maintenance mixing solution, no adjusting of the mixer is needed, and our customers greatly appreciate the peace of mind we deliver.

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