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Junior or Intermediate Industrial Wastewater and Anaerobic Digestion Process Engineer

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Waterloo, ON, Canada



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Thursday, October 12th 2023

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Job Description

(Two Positions, In-person in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Must have legal authorization to work in Canada)

At Azura we tackle challenges in the anaerobic digestion, biogas, industrial wastewater, and waste-to-energy areas. When an organization is having challenges with their process systems, we are their “First Call”.

The Azura reputation lies with our expertise to optimize processes, provide independent expert opinions in legal matters, perform technical due diligence to determine the risks and viability of projects, and ensure the outputs from anaerobic digesters and manufacturing facilities meet both legal requirements and business needs.

We also work with start-ups, inventors, and innovators to support novel solutions, validate their ideas, and help grow and scale their businesses.

By joining an “established start-up” firm, in a niche technical area, you recognize this opening is an opportunity to have a real impact. You will be able to have a tremendous influence on your career, our company, and our clients’ sustainability and business goals.


Core Responsibilities

Technical Project Work (75%)

In the beginning, this position will primarily be client-facing technical work. You will be working on technical projects for existing clients and working with the team to develop new clients and new business opportunities.

The portion of our business that is project-based varies from month to month based on client needs.

Some weeks, like when we are providing critical litigation support, can be 150% technical work, yes, evenings, weekends, and holidays too. The technical work includes:

  • Waste and wastewater characterization, bench and pilot-scale treatability evaluations, mass balance calculations and process design.
  • Technical analysis and calculations for anaerobic digestion, aerobic treatment, and physio-chemical industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • Techno-economic evaluation of alternate treatment technologies.
  • Technical writing and communication of our findings on technical topics, alternate solutions, and the implications of each related to the client’s business.
  • Project management, sample collection, and oversight of lab testing and subcontractors.
  • Coordination of team and contractor activities.

Other weeks, we may be focused on internal development projects, marketing, business development, and sales–only doing 10% client-facing technical work. We have found that this dynamic schedule fosters a more flexible and productive working environment, always directing our energy and efforts where they are best suited and most needed.

Research and Development (10%)

Azura participates in various research activities to discover and support innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges and further our own business objectives. Our proprietary approach to solving client issues is a competitive advantage at Azura.

We add to our competitiveness by creating knowledge, harvesting lessons learned in the field, and continuously improving how we deliver our services.

Moving beyond the standard billable-hours business model, at Azura we have the freedom to develop and innovate solutions that make good business sense for everyone involved. We have several proprietary business projects in development right now to solve our clients’ outstanding business problems.

Marketing, Business Development, and Sales (10%)

You will be coached as you learn the complete business sales cycle from marketing through business development, all the way to proposal writing and closing new client engagements. You will see it all–participate in customer discovery meetings and write client proposals. You will be expected to contribute to our business success by:

  • Adding to Azura’s corporate profile through active participation in professional and technical associations and committees.
  • Preparing and writing case studies, technical notes, and white-papers.
  • Developing business relationships across a range of client sectors.
  • Helping with everything from our social media channels all the way through to telephoning new prospects and booking site visits to meet new prospects in person.
  • Maintain existing client relationships and develop new client relationships.
  • Prepare logical and well thought-out strategies to resolve client issues, identify uncertainties and risk, and formulate plans to get the information needed to reduce those risks.
  • Write proposals and engineering budgets for Azura’s client work.

Corporate Development (5%)

We’re small and lean—from HR to IT, IP protection, and how to work on legal matters, you’ll learn everything about running a niche consulting practice.

And yes, even some aspects usually hidden from staff—you will see project budgets, client invoices, and how the money comes in. You will see payroll and vendor invoices and where the money goes.

Job Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in related engineering field required (advanced degree preferred).
• Qualified for P.Eng. professional registration.
• Sound reasoning ability and good judgement.
• Strong desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.
• Excellent customer service, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
• Interest in sales principles, methods, practices, and techniques.
• Those candidates with an interest in obtaining an equity position within the corporation must clearly demonstrate a keen understanding and successful application of business development, management, and corporate ethics.

How to apply

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