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Project Engineering Manager

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San Diego, CA/Hybrid



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Monday, January 8th 2024

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Job Description

Job Overview:

Lead and manage all the aspects of project engineering and design team activities in North America to complete the project’s designs in compliance with the project schedules and with the budgets, while controlling overall risk levels.


The Project Engineering Manager’s goals can be summarized as follow:

– Ensure professional standards are maintained for all designs and check work;

– Lead project engineering team at project level for both internal and/or external resources.

– Understand the scope of the work, the contract requirements and the limit of supply;

– Coordinate all the Project Engineering activities to complete the design of the project;

– Meet / improve the project schedule; Meet / improve the project budget intended for all project engineering activities; Meet / improve the quality standards;

– Identify and submit possible “cost-effective” improvements in the design;

– Become a technical “expert” in one or more areas of Anaergia’s technical offering.

– Provide support to Business Development and Proposals teams


Job Responsibilities:

Project Engineering Manager tasks:

A Project Engineering Manager is expected to perform tasks below with minimal guidance required and function as a technical lead on projects under limited supervision from Director of Engineering.

  • Manage, plan, schedule and review work, as appropriate to deliver engineering function specific outputs and defined milestones to business stakeholders.
  • Plan the project engineering activities for all assigned projects and monitor the activities progress in compliance with the schedule defined on the general document list;
  • Arrange the general document list agreeing with the Director of PE and in compliance with contract and the external/internal resources availability;
  • Manage multiple concurrent multi-disciplinary projects with regular review, prioritizing and reporting to all stakeholders, resulting in on-time and on-budget completion.
  • Agree with the Director of PE to define budget assigned for the Project Engineering activities through the entire life of the project;
  • Participation in the setting of department budget and managing to budget with monthly/quarterly & annual reviews
  • Regularly update the Director of PE on the status of the design, and the remaining budget to identify possible risk in advance and plan solutions accordingly;
  • Provide to PMs the technical specifications and tender documents for the acquisition of the materials expected for each project in accordance with the terms of supply and properly calculated according to the design data.
  • Provide technical support to client as needed under the guidance of the Director of PE;
  • Provide technical review of all third-party design consultants;
  • Provide technical review of equipment proposals and submittals;
  • Check all the licensing documents and incorporate permit conditions;
  • Coordinates regular design review meetings with project team;
  • Ensure that quality and reliability are at the forefront of everything the team delivers.
  • Create risk assessment for each project to identify risks and their mitigation. Make sure to comply with the local standards required for each specific project;
  • Organize regular meetings (weekly) to share and update the progress for the engineering activities for all jobs; and point out any problems emerged during the engineering development;
  • Organize regular meetings (bi-weekly) with the appropriate person responsible for each topic in order to submit improvements of technical aspects and building solutions. Involve the Project Engineering Leader (PEL) when necessary;

Project Engineering Manager is authorized to:

· Have T&L costs in compliance with the function’s budget set by the Director of Engineering.

Safety and Quality related responsibilities

  • The Project Engineering Manager is responsible for the rigorous application of the company rules and standards about the engineering activities, for the accuracy of the information provided and for the compliance with the contract requirements and specification of each project.
  • Compliance to safety is priority one for Anaergia.
  • During the entire design activity, the Project Engineering Manager shall assess all aspects related to health risks and safety through all phases of the project (design, construction, operation, maintenance and dismantling) and take actions to eliminate, mitigate and advise all involved figures about the remaining risk.


Job Qualifications

Job Requirements:


· Holds a technical diploma or graduation in: Civil Engineering / Mechanical engineering/ Chemical Engineering or equivalent


  • Matured experience of 15+ years in Project Engineering, Design Engineering, and/or project management in the Industrial Plant business. Prefer experience in anaerobic digestion, biogas, WWTP, and/or solid waste.
  • Expert understanding of all MS Office tools and ability to adapt to new digital tools
  • Experienced in Design of plants and process engineering

Technical Competencies

The Project Engineering Manager has the following technical skillsets:

  • Understanding of contract specification and identification of supply limits for the design activity of complex mechanical plants;
  • Basis of Mechanical/Hydraulic design, Electrical Design and Control systems;
  • Knowledge about national and international regulations for the design of waste treatment, renewable energies and biogas plants;
  • Experience managing relationship with all parties involved in the project design;
  • Fluent in English.

Cross Functional Competencies

To execute the job with the “right sense of priority”, the Project Engineering Manager shall understand how their activity affects other functions as well as other functions can influence either positively or negatively, the achievement of the Project execution goals. Competencies include:

  • Basic knowledge of “project management” and how the adopted solutions affect the project budget and schedule;
  • Good understanding of sales strategies, how they influence the engineering process and how the engineering process may affect sales;
  • Familiarity with purchasing, identify and promote purchasing strategies for products, contracting and services, mainly based on:
  • High volume/value (synergies/ standardized products)
  • Critical items (e.g. limited number of suppliers, Long Lead Items, etc..).

· Biogas specific competences;

· Waste Treatment specific competences;

· Waste Water Treatment Plant specific competences

How to apply

To apply click on the "Link to Opportunity" button or through the company's LinkedIn page.