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Biogas Denmark Conference 2023

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December 6, 2023


Denmark, Bredsten


The Biogas Danmark conference is timed so that it hits the mark in relation to new regulation, legislation and political agreements that must be in place before the end of the year. This applies, for example, to overcompensation regulation, tax refunds for upgraded biogas, the new tenders for biogas and biogas CCS, energy crop restrictions, consequences of the new European RE III directive, etc.

Politically, there is not least a focus on CO2 tax on agricultural biological processes as well as new measures to reach the 2025 target, not least in the area of ​​transport.

Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center
Vingsted Skovvej 2,
7182 Bredsten


As something new, we have an exhibition at the Biogas Denmark Conference. See the exhibitor list.