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III Salon del Gas Renovable

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October 3 -4, 2023


Valladolid, Spain


Why participate?

The demand for #GASRENOVABLE is very high in Spain and throughout Europe, the sector only has to worry about producing with guarantees and quality.

The current situation of the fossil gas market, the uncertainty regarding the security of a stable supply, the high prices of fossil gas and also with rising emission rights, is forcing those who had not worried until the date.

Biogas in Europe

The European Union has 18,200 biogas plants, with an installed capacity of 11 GWe capable of generating 63 TWeh of biogas per year, and 750 biomethane plants that produce 23 TWh, with a projection of reaching 370 TWh in 2030 and 1,170 TWh in 2050.

Biogas in Spain

Industry experts predict that by the end of 2023 Spain will have 12 biomethane plants in operation and another 30 will be in the pipeline.

take the opportunity

Currently, there is a clear political commitment in Spain for these technologies that had not been manifested to date. It is time to definitively support this technological change that meets the postulates of Europe's climate, environmental and energy policy like no other.

In Spain, work is already underway to define a stable framework that makes the development of biomethane a reality, as required by the European Green Pact, the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and the draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition.


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