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proBIOGAS #International

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September 12 - 21, 2023


Stuttgart, Germany


In this 8-day course you will gain an in-depth knowledge of biogas, the safe operation of a biogas plant, the biological process, feedstock sourcing and characteristics, how to convert biogas to energy or fuel and much more. All of this in a classroom environment with lectures and group work.
You will also visit a range of biogas plants, from innovative to proven and established concepts.
The operators will share their knowledge and experience of the day-to-day running of a biogas plant and what is important for successful and safe plant operation.
We have also included a laboratory day and our friends from the University of Hohenheim will give you a tour of their research laboratory and give you practical tips on how to optimise your anaerobic digestion process by analysing fermentation samples.
This course is for:
• Biogas plant operators & staff
• Farmers planning to operate an AD plant
• Government officials involved in AD
• Academic institutions
• Investors
There will also be several Q&A sessions where you can ask a panel of experts questions about your specific situation.
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