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Tax Credit Transferability Webinar

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October 24, 2023




The CHP Alliance is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, October 24th at 1pm ET to help the public understand the transferability options for the ITC/PTC under the IRA.

The webinar will cover the latest IRS guidance on transferability and how to prepare for the upcoming launch of the agency’s pre-filing process. We’ll also dive into major opportunities and challenges for developers of CHP projects, including risk factors to consider and key considerations for smaller-scale systems. Even though it’s catered towards our CHP audience, the information applies to other energy property that qualifies under the credits.

Here is the link to register: https://chpalliance.org/ira-transferability-webinar/

Speakers include experts from the Tax Credit Alliance and our lobbyists at SC Partners. There is also a portal for attendees to submit questions in the link I provided.