Reply To: Valorization of Biogas Streams

  • Felipe

    17 February 2024 at 7:11 am

    Ryan, thank you for your question.

    In Brazil, there are few financial incentives for the implementation of biogas and biomethane projects.

    In this way, the market pays much more attention to the diversification of revenues to increase the results of the biogas business. This characteristic of the national market has expanded the view of co-products in the chain.

    The national market still focuses heavily on electrical energy, but biomethane for mobility has grown significantly. In this way, biogas upgrading is becoming common and the market is starting to look at strategies to make offgas profitable. Along this route, some products are gaining greater attention, such as CO2, Biomethanol and BioSyncrude.

    For the CO2 market, it still focuses on slaughterhouse projects, where it is used in the unit’s internal processes. But there is strong iniciatives to iniciate a biogas market on CO2 from biogás.

    The digestate as product is also something that is strongly needed.