Biogas and Landfill Gas Covers: Do You Have It All Covered?

Biogas and landfill gas collection covers are an integral part of any anaerobic digestion or landfill gas collection system so to understand what is important, BiogasWorld spoke to a major cover supplier in the North America, Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC).

What is important to consider when selecting a biogas cover?

According to Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC)’s Business Development, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Lever, there are many important factors to consider when evaluating biogas collection covers for anaerobic digesters besides cost.  Remembering that the cover is a permanent fixture is key, they cannot be removed easily or cheaply.  Once a cover is installed, you will no longer be able to directly access equipment, such as mixers or pipes, or to remove accumulated bottom sludge or floating solids such as fats oils and grease (FOG).   Therefore, selection of the appropriate equipment that allows management of these aspects of anaerobic digestion, and that works properly with the selected biogas cover, is of utmost importance.

What are the recent developments and innovations connected to cover systems?

The main recent innovation by Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC) concerns the coverage of lagoons: Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC) has developed a patented method for securing the gas-collection covers on new anaerobic lagoons that also need to be lined.  They call it their “Tri-weld” system.  This allows both the liner and the cover to share the same anchoring trench at the perimeter of the lagoon and establishes a 100% gas-tight seal without jeopardizing the integrity of the liner.  Older style methods sometimes require installers to weld the cover to the liner, which can put both the liner and the cover at risk to damage.

Image courtesy of Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC)

What is your company’s competitive advantage in biogas and landfill gas market?

Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC) has over 3 decades of experience in the manufacturing and installation of biogas covers.  Our central location in the US gives us a geographical advantage in North America.  No project is too far!  And We have over 1400 installations across 4 continents.  We offer a range of custom floating covers, storage covers, and supported covers for biogas applications to meet almost any customer demand.

Image courtesy of Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC)

What is a common mistake made when selecting and installing a biogas cover?

Michael Lever highlights that one of the most common mistakes made is not giving enough consideration to separation and removal of non-digestible materials, and/or FOG, before it enters the covered basin.   Once the cover is installed it cannot be removed to gain access, should there be a significant buildup of either one.  Owners and engineers should consider basin designs that allow for adequate sludge management, and upstream equipment to separate non-digestible material and FOG before it enters the covered basin.  Consideration should also be given as to how this may impact the design and operation of the biogas cover.  Open dialogue with your pre-selected cover manufacturer and installer is vital to ensure a successful project.

About Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC)

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc., (IEC) was incorporated in 1993, and is widely recognized as a leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of geomembrane cover and liner systems for tanks, ponds and lagoons. Learn more by visiting Industrial & Environmental Concepts page

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