Visit At Methalac’s Plant Verte Energie

During October’s visit at Pollutec 2023, our colleague Alexandre Lapierre had a chance to visit Methalac’s plant Verte Energie located in Saint-Victor-de-Morestel, France. The site, operational since September 2020, processes 15,000 tonnes of manure, intermittent crops, pig manure and grain waste per year to produce 125Nm3/h of biomethane. The site has been built by Methalac and is now operated by Biogaz Services.

Numerous BiogasWorld’s members have been involved in this project:

  • Vogelsang’s equipment moves and shreds the feedstock using their eccentric screw and lobe pumps
  • Digester mixers have been supplied by Steverding et Streisal
  • Biogas upgrading is done by Prodeval’s membrane system
  • Bauer supplied boosters to move biomethane.

This visit is a perfect showcase of the excellent work by Methalac’s talented team in the region of the Lake Léman at Haute-Savoie. We applaud their expertise, knowledge and dedication to work with the best biogas and biomethane equipment suppliers.

Would you like our team to visit your installation and talk about your expertise? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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