New WAGABOX® in Can Mata

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In June 2023, WAGA Energy had the pivotal achievement for the reduction of emissions and combating global warming from Spain, WAGABOX® was commissioned in Can Mata landfill site near Barcelona.

The WAGABOX® unit in Can Mata site, can generate 70 GWh (240,000 MMBtu) of RNG per year into the grid, which is equivalent to the gas consumption of 14,000 Spanish households, or to a fleet of 200 buses using it as biofuel.

WAGABOX® unit in Can Mata site.


UBE CO2 Separator is installed in WAGABOX® units to treat landfill gas into grid-compliant biomethane (RNG).

Here, landfill gas tends to contain CH4, CO2, N2 and O2, for the reduction of emissions and combating global warming, the collection of this landfill gas Is crucial, especially CH4 which is over 80 times higher GWP (Global warming potential) than COon a 20-year timescale, and convert it to RNG.

The WAGABOX® unit combines UBE CO2 Separator to remove CO2 from landfill gas and Waga Energy’s patented cryogenic distillation to separate CH4 from N2 and O2.

The Process of WAGABOX® ,  UBE CO2 separator is installed as the first filtration process to remove CO2 from the landfill gas.


UBE CO2 Separator as a keystone in the process contributes to letting the process effectively work to minimize energy consumption and maximize productivity.

UBE hollow fiber membrane for CO2 separation modules.


The facility has obtained ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) EU certification, demonstrating that its production complies with the sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reduction criteria defined by the EU Renewable Energy Directive(RED II)

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