Unlocking Your Biogas Potential: Partner with PRODEVAL to Produce Biomethane

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Are you looking for cutting-edge solutions for Biogas upgrading into Biomethane? PRODEVAL is here to support you in your green energy project!

PRODEVAL is an industry leader in Biogas treatment and upgrading to RNG. With over 30 years of experience, we operate globally with 475 successful projects across 15 countries.

Our presence in Zaragoza allows us to be closer to the needs of the Spanish market.

By 2024, at least 6 Biogas upgrading projects are under construction in Spain and 3 in Portugal.


Biogas upgrading into Biomethane

Our wide range of equipment is designed to meet Biogas needs starting from 40 Nm3/h and achieves an upgrading efficiency of over 99.5% on the CH4 component. Our units are suitable for the following types of Biogas sites: agricultural, industrial, & wastewater treatment plants.


CO2 liquefaction

We have developed cutting-edge CO2 valorization technology that captures the remaining methane residues in off-gas and enables the commercialization of bio-CO2 to various industries, optimizing plant enhancement efficiency.


Customer services

We provide a customer support team that will assist you in developing your business model. Thanks to remote monitoring and a network of maintenance technicians, we guarantee responsiveness, flexibility, and high-quality interventions.


A trusted partner for maintaining your business plan

Operational Support

  • 24/7 Hotline support
  • Guaranteed unit restart within 72 hours
  • Preventive & curative maintenance package with > 97% equipment availability
  • Hypervision and data analysis: remote monitoring and control of plant parameters
  • Wide stock of spare parts


Product Innovation

  • Manufacturing capability of over 150 units / year
  • Standardized and containerized equipment
  • Variable pressure with performance guaranteed regardless of gas flow, gas quality, and temperature
  • Turnkey solution fully managed internally
  • Self-automated units requiring limited involvement of on-site operator
  • With data provided by over 400 operating units, we can model your unit’s digital twin running at peak performance and use it for comparison with your physical unit to prevent any issues that may arise


Ready to take the next step with PRODEVAL?

We’d be delighted to discuss your project in more detail and introduce you to our suite of innovative solutions.

Nicolas BRUYAS

Business Developer



PRODEVAL Soluciones de Gases Renovables S.L.

C/ Poeta Joan Maragall 38, 4º

28020 Madrid


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