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PVR vacuum portfolio provides a wide range of technologies with different applications, in recent years one of the key markets is biogas industry in which PVR is expanding its business. In Spain this new field of application is recently growing more and more with new plants for biogas upgrading in different regions.

In the Spanish territory, PVR is supplying lots of vacuum pumps and systems that can be used to meet the growing needs of customers. Since 1964 PVR has been committed to developing ever more advanced and sustainable vacuum solutions to meet the demands of the market thanks to its professional Technical Dept. One of the strengths that has always featured PVR history is speed in technical evaluations and deliveries.

For the biogas industry, the key products PVR offers are lubricated rotary vane pumps and vacuum systems, even tailored to individual customer requirements. Regarding biogas sector, PVR has developed new vacuum solutions such as EU1000Ex, rotary vane vacuum pumps suitable to operate in hazardous environments and reaching 1000m3/h to meet the needs of the customers. This distinguishing feature made PVR one of the few vacuum pumps manufacturers capable of providing those big sizes, increasingly demanded by Spanish customers.

These rotary vane pumps are available in special versions that perfectly fit into the biogas industry, such as the ATEX ones, capable of operating in hazardous environments. Atex pumps are available with special seals and lubricants. Pumps can be supplied with safety devices such as resistance temperature detector PT 100, pressure switch, inlet filters. This product proved to be important for biogas plants in Spain, a wide Country with a special focus on farming and soil care.

In addition, PVR understood that another vacuum range for biogas is increasing in Spanish market demand: Roots vacuum pumps have been supplied for lots of plants. They are specially designed to be used in combination with primary pumps to achieve higher pumping speeds and/or lower ultimate pressures. They are available for Atex environments too, approved according to EU directive 2014/34 and certified for Atex zones 0 (internally), temperature class T3 (200° C) and certified for zone 1 externally, class of temperature T4 (135° C).

In many cases, clients ask for the combination between rotary vane vacuum pumps and Roots, so PVR developed specific vacuum systems, lots of them supplied in the Spanish territory.

Recently, some of the most important challenges in the sector have been energy saving, with customized solutions equipped with Inverters that guarantee reductions in maintenance and breakdown costs, with pumps managed by HMI, a human-machine interface that allows the parameters to be evaluated in real-time.

In short, PVR claims over 60 years of experience both in the international and Spanish markets, the use of vacuum in the industrial sector has been growing but new applications such as biogas upgrading challenged PVR to develop and supply new technologies always keeping its flexibility, responsiveness and customer focus, features that characterize the Company and which have enabled it to detect the growing demands of the Spanish market.

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