Unlocking the Power of AI

The biogas market in Canada has seen rapid change and is anticipating rapid growth with exciting news like the Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR). In this dynamic landscape utilizing the power of cutting-edge software solutions is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. AI-driven specialized software solutions can provide exceptional value to biogas projects, from evaluation to optimizing operations and monitoring.


In the Evaluation Phase

AI-driven software solutions can streamline project assessments, making the feasibility stage easier to manage and setting your project up on a foundation of success with centralized information boosted by the power of dynamic simulations that can help you understand your risks at a deeper level. By utilizing predictive modelling and analyzing vast project datasets that are constantly changing as the project progresses stakeholders are empowered to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.


AI-Driven Feedstock Planning

AI’s power truly shines when we explore one of the cornerstones of biogas projects, feedstock planning. AI-driven feedstock planning solutions empower operators with advanced algorithms that account for seasonality, storage availability and changes in feedstock quality. These algorithms then evaluate millions of possible scenarios in order to find the optimized recipe based on the inventory of available feedstock taking into account the impact of plant design and the goal of optimization to prioritize either gas production or profit.


Centralized Monitoring Data

Another operational component where specialized data-driven software solutions can shine is real-time monitoring. Have you ever thought of how challenging it is to collect data from your plant? Software can make this easier by centralizing information in customizable dashboards, keeping the relevant data in front of the right individuals. Moreover, these solutions can centralize information across different data collection methods, whether information is collected by staff on-site or sensors within the plant it arrives at a centralized location where it is visualized and ready for reporting.

Embracing AI and data-driven software technologies can expand the industry’s full capacity to produce renewable energy such as RNG and organic nutrient-rich by-products like bio-fertilizer. Providing further efficiencies in the evaluation of biogas opportunities, project planning, feedstock utilization, and the development of operational reports. Embracing these technologies can provide Canadian operators with a strategic advantage, beginning the expansive growth of the biogas industry in Canada upon a strong foundation.

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