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Uncover why your digester has challenges. With +30 years of hands-on experience in anaerobic digestion and industrial wastewater treatment, Azura Associates knows the right questions to ask to give you confidence in your project.

At Azura, we’re not your typical consulting firm. We blend science with strategy to align engineering processes with your business ambitions. Our independent technical experts help project developers, financiers, and legal counsel with due diligence, risk mitigation, and project green lights. Whatever your feedstocks: food waste, FOG, SSO, and OFMSW, we can match your RNG process and organization goals. And for operating plants? If you’re looking for stability—biogas production, consistent revenues, and navigating the regulatory landscape, Azura’s got your back.

Top 3 Services

1. Technical Due Diligence

Looking to invest in a new or distressed Renewable Natural Gas project? We provide:

  • Registry of feedstock, operational, and digestate risk
  • Validation of biogas production estimates
  • Independent review of technology selection

2. Bio-Process Optimization

Have an underperforming AD site or RNG project? We can help you:

  • Clearly articulate causes of low gas production or upset
  • Actionable advice to maintain digester and business health including
    • Residual methane potential assessments
    • Operator training and coaching
    • Regular monitoring plan
  • Independently assess opportunities for new feedstocks and process optimization

3. Forensic Review of Digester Performance

Need help to complete a project or having a dispute on your AD site? We provide:

  • Independent assessment of acceptance criteria and standard of care
  • Forensic analysis of underperforming or non-compliant systems
  • Opinion expert services for digester disputes

Case Study: Food Waste Digester Upset

  • Digester troubleshooting, recovery, and ongoing support
  • Identified root cause of failure and worked with owner to formulate a feedstock blend to recover the digester operations and prevent future upsets
  • Following recovery, Azura taught the owner how to self-manage their feed blend recipe
  • Long-term support includes quarterly preventative monitoring
  • Facility achieved 80% production in 2 months

“A dead digester, not producing any gas, that’s what go us to start working with Azura. Starting with detailed laboratory testing, Dave’s processes pinpointed the problem and got our digester back to 80% production in only two months. Azura’s ongoing monitoring had us hit full production a few weeks after that. Once we were stable, they developed a feedstock recipe to maintain stable production. We have high methane content, and no foam. Since then, even with engine issues we’ve averaged more than 90% production. Their emphasis on better testing for better decisions really pays off.”

– Michael H., Owner

For more information and biogas projects, read BiogasWorld’s Canadian Biogas Magazine.

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