Tom Ferencevic from Fitec Biogas Was Awarded the Biogas Champion of the Year 2024 by the Canadian Biogas Association

Tom Ferencevic, CEO of Fitec Biogas was awarded the Biogas Champion of the Year 2024 by the Canadian Biogas Association at the Value of Biogas Conference EAST last week.

Tom was recognized for his contribution to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry over the last 18 years. His experience includes involvement in all aspects of the industry, including process design, technology implementation, construction oversight, commissioning and operations support of the AD plants.

Tom has designed over 12 biogas plants across Canada, building and commissioning 6. These facilities, collectively diverting over 150,000 tpy of organics from landfills, are considered amongst Canada’s most dynamic, efficiently handling mixed food wastes with high total solids and non-digestible contaminants.

Tom is presently the owner and CEO of Fitec. This Canadian family-run business is rapidly expanding across North America with a project completed in Mexico in 2023 and designs completed for US facilities in 2024. Tom’s hard work and commitment to providing reliable systems and building lasting relationships have fostered credibility in the industry and provided real contributions to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved resource utilization, reducing climate change impacts.

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