Nacelle Solutions

Nacelle Logistics, LLC was founded in 2014 with a vision to unleash the benefits of fueling Oil & Gas operations with field gas verse traditional fuels such as diesel or other forms of natural gas such as LNG and CNG. The Nacelle team has spent their entire careers in the energy service business listening to their customers and understood field gas was the fuel of the future to power field-level operations. The value proposition was clear as it significantly lowers operating costs, reduces emissions, enhances safety on site, and reduces truck traffic in local communities. All that was needed was an innovative and execution-oriented company to make it a reality. Since its inception Nacelle has developed multiple product lines for conditioning and preparing field gas for fuel onsite operations working for over 50+ customers in various oil & gas shale plays including the Marcellus, Utica, Permian (Midland and Delaware Basins), Eagleford, and Haynesville.

As Nacelle’s reputation for execution and operational excellence spread within the traditional Oil & Gas sector of the energy industry, Nacelle began discussions with developers of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects about deploying its gas processing and conditioning business model to the Renewables sector of the industry. Nacelle has been a pioneer in this market as well with several commissioned and successfully operating biogas upgrading plants producing renewable energy from organic waste and manure to displace diesel fuel in the transportation market or power homes, businesses, and communities. Nacelle has worked for several different RNG project developers on different landfills and farms in various regions throughout the United States helping make their projects a reality and bringing the landfill and farming operations the benefits of an improved environmental footprint, reduced costs, and additional revenue streams to enhance the sustainability of their overall business model.