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January 24-25, 2024


France, Nantes


The unique goal of Bio360 Expo is to participate in the global effort to preserve our planet by accelerating the biotransition .

It is an international meeting place for people and organizations who share an involvement in this mission and who have hoisted or wish to hoist their colors to the biotransition mast.

Because time is so short and there is so little room for trial and error, the imperative to share knowledge and collaborate could not be more pressing.

Through its international exhibition and conference program, Bio360 Expo does everything in its power to be a platform where 1+1=3, where innovative collaborations are designed, where success is built on success , allowing us to get there more quickly.

Bio360 Expo is the place that strives to bring it all together and participate in the transition to a new bio-age where future generations can continue to thrive, sustainably .


In summary, Bio360 Expo includes a full program of international conferences with simultaneous translation, technical tours, the Innovation Competition, and more.

Expected for 2024:
5000 participants, 450 exhibitors, 45 countries, 200 international speakers.
6 bilingual conference rooms with simultaneous translation
- a panel of global expert speakers
- a rich program covering a wide range of current topics
- unlimited access to 450 exhibitors from around the world , presenting some of the most innovative, dedicated solutions and promising companies in the world
- the opportunity to engage with some of the leading thinkers and influencers in the bioeconomy and bioenergy sectors
visits to remarkable industrial sites in and around the region - current innovations revealed during the innovation competition
awards ceremony
- a hybrid event for those who cannot attend in person


The event attracts between 450 and 500 international exhibitors , making Bio360 Expo a true exchange point for global bio know-how covering all aspects of bioenergy and the rapidly growing bio-based sector, including: - Solid
bioenergy : biomass and wood energy, recovery of solid waste, forestry and agricultural co-products for co/tri-generation, urban and industrial heating, and renewable green gas.
Liquid bioenergy : biofuels for the road, maritime and air transport sectors
Gaseous bioenergy : biogas, biomethane, bioNGV, green hydrogen for local consumption or wider distribution
-Biosourced materials and products : bioplastics, biochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, biocoatings, biotextiles, biomaterials, bioadditives, etc.
Biochar : biochar has a wide and evolving range of uses in agriculture and soil management, for livestock , water management, construction, biocomposites...
Carbon capture and use / storage (CCU/S) *: capture and use of CO2 for chemicals, fuels, materials…