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#Fueling Tomorrow

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October 9-11, 2024


Bologna, Italy


Fueling Tomorrow is the result of the synergy of the well-established experiences of Mirumir and BFWE, creating a unique event under the banner of technology neutrality: both traditional and innovative vectors and fuels, each with their own peculiarities, are called upon to contribute to energy independence and the decarbonisation of industry and mobility, based on science and without any ideological bias.

Keywords: technology neutrality, circularity and sustainable ecological transition

The event will focus on both traditional and innovative sources of energy supply, emphasising a transition path towards a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable energy future.

The aim is to redefine the current energy landscape, combining traditional fuels, made more environmentally friendly through innovative refining processes, with cutting-edge solutions such as green gases (ranging from hydrogen to biomethane), electric.

The service station of the future

A multifunctional hub, providing both traditional and innovative fuels as well as advanced services to meet new customer needs.

Fueling Tomorrow becomes a stage where history, experience and innovation are combined fulfilling current needs and anticipating future ones.